MCELogoMuch has happened since my post in 2007, outlining my current Windows Media Center setup. For one, the finance department has approved a larger budget to record and play back more content. Much of the hardware I had scrounged together in 2007 has understandably failed. Using this and the current WAF for MCE I have been able to install much better hardware over the past few years.

    My goals are still similar:

1. Provide scheduled recording for our favourite TV programs using the new Digital broadcasts.
2. Provide easy access to our pictures, music, videos & movies stored on the Windows Home Server.
3. I had to use existing equipment at home and spend no more than $250 per month control spending for upgrades.

InternalsAs such I’m currently running:

I recently upgraded the hardware to run Windows 7 RTM and have been customising the look and feel of MCE. An awesome site has lots of handy hints and tips on improving the standard Microsoft deployment.

Front ViewI also use the following MCE extensions and configurations to improve the device:

For more information on Windows Media Center, check out my posts at