My Hobbies

My Hobbies….. Explained.

You might find some of this stuff useful, then again you might not. Just remember that if you need any more information on an idea you have seen here. GOOGLE it… (because as I learned recently, the word “Google” is now considered a verb.)

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There is nothing more relaxing than going 4WD’ing or four wheel driving with some friends in the middle of nowhere. That’s because mobile phones don’t normally work ;-)You’d be surprised what Tess could do, everyone else always is. Unfortunately, Tess was laid to rest after my last trip.
This is DORRIS, Cousin of BORRIS. DORRIS, is what you would call “Serau Wau Batabata” or Water Cooled.DORRIS was a project to keep me occupied while in Fiji. A Celeron 900MHz PC with 512MB RAM and 40GB HDD. Had a handle built onto the case, Water Cooling and Lights all self contained in a handsome silver case.       DORRIS runs a CPU temp of 1deg above air temperature.
Talking to Rosie one night I found out that we both enjoy taking nice photo’s of all kinds of thinks. (Minds out of the gutter please).Well I got me a nice camera. It takes nice photo’s. Wanna see some??
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