Hyper-V Session Notes

By brendon on July 30th, 2010

I recently did some free M$ run training on the Hyper-V R2 & System Centre VMM. Good and interesting, I can definitely see this being useful for a number of our smaller deployments. Small things put MS ahead of VMWare I see are:

  • Support for USB monitoring of UPS / USB Backup Disks pass through.
  • Built-in support for existing AD authentication, no special ‘root’ passwords for individual ESX hosts.
  • Group Policy Support.
  • Time based power management policy for Hyper-V hosts. (Low power after hours).
  • FREE Hyper-V R2 version of 2008 server. Downloadable direct from Microsoft.
  • Host updates can be done using existing WSUS server.

Keeping all this in mind, I still see VMWare vSphere as the king of the data centre. I just think (similar to Terminal Services and CITRIX) Microsoft will catch up over the next few years.

My notes from the sessions are here: Continue Reading

Lotus Domino 5 to Exchange 2007

By brendon on July 30th, 2010

I recently had to run a migration from a Lotus Domino 5 server to Exchange 2007 on SBS 2008. Microsoft has released a funky little tool to assist in the synchronisation of┬áDomino & Exchange address lists and allow the graceful migration of mailboxes. MSExchange.org has a useful article on how to configure the free Microsoft connector ‘MS Transporter Suite

The mailbox migration had me stumped as the Domino 5 was not hosting several of the required roles PLUS Lotus notes version 6 to 7 must be installed on the server for the import to work.

As we were doing a single import of all users mailboxes and not planning on running the two systems in parallel, the toolbox gives the ability to import mail items directly from the domino NSF files. There are a few gotcha’s but read on for the steps I followed to import the user mailboxes: Continue Reading

Log CMD output to Text file with date

By brendon on May 30th, 2010

Ever tried to export the output from a command prompt to a file and include a date??

You might run into a probelm seeing how the %date% output includes / characters.

Useful little command is %date:/=-% so that the output is “day-month-year” not “day/month/year”

Post-production 3D just hurts

By brendon on April 11th, 2010

The first time I saw Avatar was with a friend and his kids, for a kick we went to the 3D version and I have never been the same since. I shortly proceeded to drag my extended family along to a second 3D session and observed similar awe and amazement from them over the experience. My decision; from now on its 3D or couch viewing!

I now think that is a little short sighted. As with pre-avatar 3D a lot of movies were recorded in two dimensions and then using computers had the foreground and background forced to one of several 3D panes with some special effects rendered into 3D. Since watching Avatar I have seen both Alice in Wonderland & Clash of the Titans but by both was left disappointed with a slight headache to boot.

Neither of these films was recorded in 3D but had the depth “bolted on” in post-production and you can see the difference. Until studios record the entire movie in 3D, they just won’t get the same effect as avatar had and they risk putting the population off stereoscopic viewing.