Not again :-(

By brendon on April 10th, 2007

Well, I dropped my bike again. This time I was moving though so it is more badly scrached. No one was hurt and no major damage was done. With the old analagy, I got back on ’the horse’ and rode to work (after a through check of course). I guess I just went around a corner too slow with too much lean.

I really have to stop doing this, it can’t be good for the bike.

Grrrr…. He scratched my bike!!

By brendon on November 16th, 2006

I realise that by having any vehicle and leaving it parked in the open you risk having it damaged. But I would recommend never parking behind this guy.   My bike was there first but he felt the need to park so close that he ended up scratching the faring. Tell you what, if he had cracked it or worse knocked the bike over I would have returned the favuor!

Here is the proof!


An Awesome site for Motorcycle Beginners

By brendon on November 13th, 2006

Browsing through my mate Dugie’s BLOG the other day I came across this post. I quote: 

To my fellow scooter or bike riders; new or old, I recommend reading “The Master Strategy Group“.  They have a wealth of tips and life savers. 

And he is right, an awesome site with loads of useful information. I definitely learned a lot and better understand how the bike actually works. Check it out but I warn you, there is way too much information to absorb in one sitting.


By brendon on November 7th, 2006

Well it had to happen, I have done the first ‘customisations’ to my bike. Now, no other bike has the same scratches as my bike does. :-(

On my way to nana’s the other day I stopped badly at a T intersection and the bike was off ballance. Fell to the left side and got a few small scratches on the front faring & mirror. Talking to Darren, from the bike shop the damage could have been much worse, I laid it down as gentle as I could.

 *mental note: Don’t use the front brake into a corner…*

I suppose next time I drop it at least it won’t hurt as much. :-)