Goodbye my friend

By brendon on July 8th, 2008

I received terrible news yesterday. One of my close friends, Miss Preetika Lal of Suva Fiji was killed tragically in a car accident between Navua & Suva. While the investigation is ongoing, witnesses have reported that the oncoming car was speeding & swerving then had a head-on collision with her car.

I am not one to sugar coat the truth. Preetika was a beautiful & kind person, the type anyone is happy to call their friend and I will always remember her smile & her laugh. Part of me is sad that she has left this life because I will never see her again. Being the oldest in her family, she had to put off her dreams while helping to provide for her siblings. She was recently married and had finally begun to peruse her dreams and desires only to be cut short because of reckless driving. I do take comfort in knowing she has gone to a place of peace; and that her soul will one day return to continue learning all her life lesions.

With Love, light & peace.

Goodbye Pritika, be well.

End of an Era… Start of something new

By brendon on December 18th, 2007

Well I was there for the first official meeting of ANCONS.COM as it was called then and I will be here for the last of what has grown into Clariti. The press release has gone out today stating that Clariti is in the process of being purchased by SCentral. While I am a little nervous at the prospect of having new management and needing to prove my skills, loyalty and dedication to another group of people we have been assured that Clariti in the most part will stay the same. Bruce and the current management team will be integrated into the SCentral administration meaning that we will still have a voice and some autonomy.

Clariti/ ANCONS was my first full time job after leaving school and spending 8 years (and 1 month) in this organisation I will definitely be sad when it is gone. If there was one thing My time in Fiji taught me, it is that times will always change. Work mates & friends will come and go; so it is important to enjoy every moment of life for exactly what it is.  Lets see where life takes me now. :-)

There have been articles about the purchase published in ARN and AustralianIT.

Do you Live to Work or Work to Live?

By brendon on December 16th, 2007

Anyone that knows me personally will also know that money plays a big role on my immediate family. Both my Father and my brother have kind of an obsession with income, profits, assets, liabilities and of course Doo-dads. I subscribe to a different school of thought where I see money as just energy or effort. If a friend spent 30min helping me to fix my car; in theory I should spend at least 30 min helping him with his computer or something along those lines. We have exchanged effort and energy in equal amounts.

Now my friend my not need anything that I can provide for that 30 min, so I would give him something worth 30 min of my time. If I give him a 6-pack of beer, he can only use that item for what it is. If I were to give him cash, he could exchange that for anything he really needs. And this is the same principle “work” was founded with; an employer gives the people who provide effort & energy to the company money so that they can go out and buy what they need. We are paid for this reason and not because we are doing something we don’t enjoy.

Trent Hamm over at The Simple Dollar has written a very good article on the connection between money, time and happiness. Two lines that really stood out to me were:

…”What has been forgotten, though, is that you’re spending your day in misery just so you can ride in a luxury car during the commute.”

“You arrive home to a gorgeous home in the suburbs, but you’re too exhausted to enjoy it.”…

Thanks to James for pointing out this excellent article. When you have a few min spare, have a read and think about why you go to work and how you spend your energy.

Million Paw Walk

By brendon on May 21st, 2007

What a day for a walk in the park…

Rosie, Ratty and I attended the Million Paw Walk for the second time since returning to Australia. We ended up tagging along with the AVIS (and budget) team from the Brisbane Airport. I would just like to mention that the smaller dogs, were the only ones to complete the 5km track while the larger dogs piked out and ONLY did the 3km track.

It was loads of fun and good exercise PLUS it helps support the wonderful work done by the RSPCA for animals great and small all over Queensland and Australia. A special mention should go out Koko who completed the track for the first time this year and was very, Very well behaved. :)

For more pictures check out the photo gallery

Here is a nice shot of the crew