Fritz!Box QoS

By brendon on April 7th, 2012

As is typically the case, I’m doing several things at one on multiple devices over a shitty ADSL connection. (Bring on the NBN) The¬†XBox is streaming a Zune movie and I’m downloading the new Win8 + Server Beta ISO’s before I realise that my limited 4Mbit/s service isn’t causing the movie to jump and skip. Checking the FritzBox I realised that QoS was configured with priority on the XBOX and Voice traffic.

Throw a NodeFone SIP phone call onto the mix and with perfect voice quality I can see the following utilisation graph on the FritxBox:FritzBox WAN Throughput Graph

You can see the downloads peaked with 800Kb/s of file downloads, an unknown quantity for voice traffic and the remainder for streaming content. Upload is more obvious with Real-time (voice), Prioritized (Video) & Normal (Downloads).

Given I can only prioritise outbound traffic, it just goes to further demonstrate InterNode’s awesomeness for prioritising inbound content. InterNode + FritzBox FTW!