My certificate is missing it’s public key….

By brendon on November 3rd, 2011

Ever had a problem where you KNOW the certificate private key is on the server but the certmgr says otherwise??

I Found a really usefull post which shows how to fix Just this issue!

Option #1:Repair Damaged Certificate (Windows Server 2003/2008)

    1. Open MMC and add the Certificate Snap-In for the Local Computer account.
    2. Double-Click on the recently imported certificate
    3. Select the Details tab.
    4. Click on the Serial Number field and copy that string
    5. Open up a command prompt session. (cmd.exe aka DOS Prompt)
    6. Type: certutil -repairstore my “SerialNumber” (SerialNumber is that which was copied down in step 4.)
    7. After running the above command, go back to the MMC and Right-Click Certificates and select Refresh (or hit F5 in the MMC)
    8. Double-Click on the problem certificate. At the bottom of this window (General tab) it should state: “You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate.

30 seconds later – Legend!

Just keep in mind, SBS likes to have any certificates with a subordinate authority also have their certificates listed in the MMC -> Certificates -> Server -> Trusted Subordinate Authorities.